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Paddling California's Flat Waters opens up a whole new world of exploration. It's an exciting way to enjoy the truly jaw-dropping beauty of California. Inside this paddler’s guide you will discover the best canoe, paddle board, and kayak trips for California’s most beautiful and diverse reservoirs, slow-moving rivers, sloughs, lakes, bays and harbors in the state. 

Paddling California’s Flat Waters is ideal for paddler boarders, canoeists and kayakers of all abilities. It features 250 trips that offer the best calm-water paddling in the state of California.

Your ability to explore is often limited by how much time you have before dragging yourself back to the real world. A key feature of this paddler’s guide is, it will reduce the amount of time you spend online searching the internet, which will allow you to enjoy more time spent on the water!

The information contained in the guide will take away all the guesswork, time and headache out of planning a paddling adventure, by providing you with all the necessary information you need to plan the perfect paddling outing.

Filled with hundreds of beautiful full-color photographs and detailed maps, this must-have guide, gives the aspiring paddling adventurer everything they need to know before taking the plunge.

Covering thousands of miles of California’s waterways, Paddling California’s Flat Waters is the perfect guide to California’s scenic coast to alpine mountains and everything in between. This guide will take away any concerns you have about paddling unknown destinations, providing you with the opportunity to experience the pleasure of paddling hundreds of new and exciting flat water destinations in California! 



  Newly Released in January 2024    

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